Internship Program

There is no elevator to success...
You have to take the stairs.
— Marion Wright Edelman

Seniors at Eastmoor Academy take part in an important internship program that allows them to meet and exceed the Columbus City Schools internship requirement for graduation. Seniors are required to find their own internship opportunity with a Columbus area business/organization (based on their interest and anticipated field of study). Then, they get it approved by the Career and Community Resource Coordinator. Seniors spend one day a week interning gaining valuable experience in the work environment, career exploration, and the development of interpersonal and communication skills.

(Students fulfill their internship hours on Thursdays. Students CANNOT be at work on Thursdays when they are required to be at their internship during school hours.)

The Eastmoor Academy Internship Program provides our seniors an opportunity to serve within our community and to extend their learning opportunities one day a week in a business, government agency, university department, or community organization throughout the school year. The Program also provides opportunities for our students to make connections between what they learn in school, how it is applied in the professional world, and encourages students to learn by making their classwork more relevant. We believe that it will help our students to understand that school success is necessary for career success.


Students choose work sites that support their specific area of interest. All internship opportunities are initiated by the student and can be paid or unpaid. The Career and Community Resource Coordinator serves as a resource in your search process. To encourage the development of employable skills, students will have to do the work and make contact with various organizations. 


Some of the suggested activities to fulfill career development or internship hours include:

  • Career Related Activities - A student participates in classroom activities and field trips that provide career preparation and awareness

  • Job Shadowing - A student visits a job and observes a worker to learn about the career.

  • Mentoring - A student works individually with an employee of a business and participates in a more intensive job exploration.

  •  Community Service -  students may volunteer their time to work in hospitals, churches, schools, community organizations, social agencies, etc. 

PLEASE NOTE: As specified by Eastmoor's curriculum, all seniors will be required to participate in the Internship Program on Thursdays throughout their senior year; regardless of the number of internship hours accumulated prior to their senior year. However, we encourage students' to continue earning their internship hours at every grade-level.

Internships are designed to give students an up-close look at the world of work as well as a useful connection to the job market. Students should also consider community service organizations such as and


Internship opportunities for eligible students will begin in November. Please see Mrs. Rasberry for more details.

Need an intern, or volunteers for your community service project?

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